By Michelle Dean

This is the recent ceremony of  Cristin and James at which we had the opportunity to provide wedding photography at New Farm Powerhouse. The Powerhouse is an arts and cultural hub for Brisbane situated on the river just near New Farm Park. The first stage of the New Farm Powerhouse was first built in the late 1920’s as part of the growing need for power sources for Brisbane’s trams. The power station began operations in 1928 and was decommissioned in 1971. It was later renovated and re-opened as a modern entertainment hub in 2000. The New Farm Powerhouse supplied electricity for the whole tramway network, as well as power and lighting loads for the suburbs of Toowong, Ithaca and Yerongpilly. As Brisbane expanded its borders, more suburbs began to draw their electrical power from the Powerhouse. Following a change in transport policy by the Brisbane Council in 1967, the historic tram system was converted into a modern bus operation; the last tram operated until 13 April 1969. The Powerhouse was decommissioned in 1971 becoming derelict due to diminished workloads and increasing maintenance costs. The abandoned building was often frequented by homeless people for shelter, and street kids for their unauthorised parties and gatherings. Some youths left graffiti of their misadventures, recording dates, words, art, and even their names onto the walls of the building. These elements contribute to the Powerhouse being such a unique place that photographers, and film makers similarly, continue to make use of the deserted space, filming both commercial and artistic works. In 1989, the ownership of the site was finally returned to the Brisbane City Council. Now, you do need permission to photograph inside the Powerhouse, and the security and staff are quite strict about these rules. It was such a pleasure to have formal access to such an amazing building with its rich history; of Brisbane and, now,  Cristin and James’s wedding.

Wedding Photography at New Farm Powerhouse

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