By Michelle Dean

It was lovely to make our way over to the another side of Brisbane to see a little piece of heritage over in Indooroopilly to help out a friend with a profile picture.

The Walter Taylor bridge has been a part of Brisbane history, opening on Valentines Day in 1936 and crosses the Brisbane river from Indooroopilly to Chelmer. It was initially named the Indooroopilly Toll Bridge but was renamed after Walter Taylor, who designed and built it.

It remains the longest span suspension street in Australia, built with the support cables initially used in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Today it still exists as the only habitable bridge in the Southern Hemisphere.

Three generations of the same family — descendants of the bridge’s original toll master — lived in the Indooroopilly pylon for more than 70 years.

The price of the toll never changed, costing roughly about 5 cents to cross until it was eventually removed in 1965.

Today, about 35,000 cars use the bridge daily.