By Michelle Dean

We love taking family portraits for our clients as we realise how important such mementos are for them; family is such a  precious thing. It is great to document this time together when your children are young so that they can see that they are part of a loving family in the coming years. It is also wonderful to have a such a positive memory of their time together as a family unit. This family were so lovely with their two boys, who were two and four years old at the time of the  photo shoot.

Taking Family Portraits

It can be sometimes difficult to get young boys this age to sit still, but with a relaxed attitude and an open mind, I think we captured a lovely candid portrait of this family. It is never as simple as getting them to sit and smile at the camera, you have to work around what makes the children feel comfortable and relaxed, and then work the camera around them. It is what makes this job so rewarding and is also a benefit to the family to ensure that the children’s personality is shown in the photographs. Here are some other great tips that we use for family portraiture

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