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By Michelle Dean

It was such a pleasure to be able to provide ongoing photography services to Jodie and Taniella. First von Maedler Photography did their wedding photography and then, more recently, their newborn baby portrait photos.

Jodie and Taniella had their wedding back in 2012 at the Mantra Resort in Kingscliffe, New South Wales. A few months later, we heard that they were expecting another baby.

As a little post-wedding gift to Jodie and Taniella, we organised a free photography shoot for the arrival of their new little girl, Kaleah.

As they wanted images of their little cherub sleeping, Kaelah’s dad (Taniella) showed us his impressive parenting skills and settled her throughout the portrait session. Whilst it took us over an hour to do so, we think that the wait was well worth it.

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