By Michelle Dean

I am often asked by my clients about how to take the perfect photo.

I would love to say that taking a great photo is all about planning to be at the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately it is very hard to be everywhere at once, and to have the foresight to know what is about to occur (unless crystal balls actually do work).

Most of what I shoot happens because the setting is staged or ‘set up’, with portrait images being taken just after instructions have been given to my clients.

However, if you are lucky and have a good rapport with your clients, you can sometimes capture an unexpected photographic gem, where having your camera ready to document that perfect moment is rewarded.

How to take the perfect photo

I set up this wedding shot at New Farm Park in Brisbane with the intention of it being a romantic and tender moment shared with the special couple.

When the bride came over to her groom they both lost their balance, got the giggles, and gave me this classic look of surprise.

Anyone who sees this photo soon realises why they are together; you can see it on their faces that they have a good time together.

Moments like these are what you live for as a professional photographer, and what I get excited about every time I go out to shoot.

So, to answer the question on how to take the perfect photo; a little bit of luck, cat-like readiness, and the presence of loving clients.

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