By Michelle Dean

Mitchell and Jess were recently engaged and have kindly chosen von Maedler to be their dedicated wedding photographers for the special day. Mitchell and Jess are a wonderful couple who have known each other since childhood, and were even high school sweethearts! As they both grew up in the Samford area and still attend the same local community Church, they have decided to get married there too. As such, we thought it would be perfect location to do their engagement photography session which we did today.

Samford is a beautiful place with so many location available to take great photos; with its beautiful mix of country charm and a tranquil waterfalls. While we were taking some photos in front of one of the many farming areas, we were unexpectedly ‘photo-bombed’ by one of the local horses. I don’t normally expect animals to be in my photos, as they tend to be very unpredictable; however this was a curious, and somewhat friendly, horse that wanted to star in their special photo. It added a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ for the beautiful couple’s engagement photos; we are really looking forward to their upcoming wedding later this year.

engagement photography - mitchell and jess

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