By Michelle Dean

Bridal preparations are an exciting part of any wedding and bring so much joy to all the girls involved; it is also a lot of fun to photograph. Before photographing these special shoots I always plan ahead as to how I would like the images to look and have some predetermined poses in mind. However, I also then expect those plans to spontaneously change as we let the excitement of the day come through in the photographs.

Bridal Preparations

To get the best possible bridal preparation photos, I start by looking for good lighting and then move the bridal party towards that light. After this, I let them continue whatever they where doing, such as buttoning up the bride’s dress or chatting with one another; anything other than looking directly into the camera and “deliberately” smiling. By getting people to do “things” in the photographs adds an element of “story telling” to the images. It can be a bit awkward to have a photographer around at first, however, I believe it is my job to make people feel comfortable with the presence of an outsider’s camera in the room. Here are some other great tips that we use to make sure that your wedding photos are natural, candid and beautiful.

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