By Michelle Dean

As promised, here are a few more beautiful wedding photos from Lysanda and Mark’s wedding held last weekend. It was a special ceremony with personal vows and a heartfelt blessing delivered by Sister Marcie. Lysanda looked absolutely stunning in her inspired vintage dress that had gorgeous intricate beading. Mark looked ultra-smart in his white dinner jacket with classic black lapels.

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Both Mark and Lysanda also had the pleasure of having of their daughters present to witness to the blessed union.

I absolutely loved photographing this wedding as the afternoon light was at just the right position to provide perfect back-lighting for the kiss. I often try to do something a little different for the special kiss; as I know that most of the guests have cameras and will take the same shot down the aisle, as will my second photographer. So I often look for a different angle whilst also taking into consideration where I am allowed to stand during the ceremony, as some weddings have strict regulations so photographers do not interfere with the proceedings.

In this wedding I chose to shoot from the rear of the bride and groom, with the guests standing behind them. The sun was positioned at their backs and I was able to take a lovely back lit photo of the two of them.

Here are some other great tips for taking wedding ceremony photographs.

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