A little known fact about us here at von Maedler is that we are huge ‘Back to the Future‘ fans. We loved this series as kids and have dreamed of hover-converted cars and hover boards ever since. Oh, and don’t forget the auto-lace up Nike shoes. Sweet.

Back to the Future

Anyway, imagine how we reacted when, after finishing a wedding photography shoot at St Lucia, we found a real-life DeLorean sitting in the car park of the wedding reception venue!

And, to make it even more amazing, that same weekend Christopher Lloyd (who played Doc Brown) was in Brisbane for the Supernova Pop Culture Expo. We wondered if he had misplaced his vehicle.

Needless to say, we just had to take photos of this perfect vehicle, which even had its original paint job, left-handed drive, and wheel rims.

We were just waiting for the owner to catch us, and say “Hey butt-heads, make like a tree and get outta here!”

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