By Michelle Dean

I spent a lovely morning with one of our previous wedding clients, Jane and Michael, to take some baby photos of their new bundle of joy, Arthur. He was a fantastic baby to photograph sleeping soundly throughout the entire shoot, and he was agreeable to most of the poses we positioned him into.

Baby Photos

Both Mum and Dad were excellent assistants for the baby photo shoot, helping me position Arthur whilst keeping him calm during the photography session.

During a newborn photography shoot, I tend to leave most of the handling and settling to the baby’s parents, whilst giving them some simple directions for positioning. I always remind myself that most babies have a preferred position in which they like to sleep; although all tend to prefer being wrapped up tight and snug! Using gorgeous baby props and blankets can help the baby to stay comfortable throughout the shoot.

Once the baby is suitably positioned I then focus on the small, yet important, details such as shooting down the baby’s nose rather than up their nostrils. Or capturing all those special little details that may include their hands and feet, whilst maintaining the baby’s modesty.

I also like to visit the family’s home for the baby shoot to ensure that our time together is as comfortable as possible for the family. Further, we can readily introduce sentimental props into the shoot, by having them ready at hand, rather than making the parents remember to bring them if the session is held at an external location.

For one specific image of Arthur, we found a beautiful blanket that had been hand-knitted by Jane’s great aunt. Also, we were able to also make use of a basket that had been gifted to the family in preparation for the arrival of Arthur.

When it comes to lighting, I prefer to use natural day light as I have often found that flash photography can be quite unsettling for babies. Here are some other great tips for helping pose a newborn baby.

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